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Life starts in your home, so it's important to live in a well organised environment that is clean and hygienic. When your home is organised it saves rushing, inconvenience, time and stress.

Think of your home as a plain white paper or canvas. Before it even becomes a canvas it needs to freshen up. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten, lighten and clean a place from top to bottom, floor to ceiling. If you don't want to spend the money on paint give the walls a really good clean.

My All Purpose Cleaner cleans walls as well, any stubborn, scuff like marks use Mild Abrasive cleaner but make sure you rinse this off as it could leave a powdery feel. Don't rush this job it could take awhile depending on how dirty your walls are. While you are cleaning or painting the walls and all the furniture is moved from the walls, wipe down the skirting boards and window ceils.

As well as the walls, give the windows a clean, inside and outside as well as taking the screens off and giving them a wipe down and putting them on again.

To clean the windows use my Glass cleaner guaranteed to leave them shiny and streak free. You will be amazed as to how dusty those fly screens get. And don't forget the tracks inside the windows, for some reason that's where all the dead flies end up.

Once all this is done your canvas is ready to be organised, fresh, hygienic and ready to go!


RECOMMENDED beauty, cleaning and lifestyle ROUTINE

Daily routine:

Try to get up one hour before the morning starts to do some form of exercise for 30mins, it's the only time your body burns the most fat as it hasn't eaten since the night before. Then allow time to tidy the house, always feels better to leave the house tidy in the morning and then come home to a tidy house such as beds made, kitchen clean, sweep or vacuum etc.

Wash hands with my hand wash face and body with water, dry and moisturise, use my face moisturiser for the face and neck and use my body butter for the whole body including feet, use a mouthwash to rinse mouth, floss teeth then brush teeth.

Always make yourself look presentable before you walk out the door and take pride in your appearance.

Have a healthy breakfast and drink water

Morning tea have a piece of fruit or raw vegetables or salad and water

Lunch have a sandwich with protein and water

Afternoon tea same as morning tea

Dinner dry to have dinner early and allow time for a nice wholesome old fashion cooked meal so that you don't eat late at night and food is digested before you a sleep with water try to have a small meal and try to have protein and vegies and small amount of carbs. Don't forget more water.

Try to have at least 7 hours sleep a night

Shower with my shower gel and again wash face and body and moisture and mouthwash, floss and brush teeth.

Weekly routine:

I recommend the house get cleaned weekly. This is a standard maintenance clean. It consists of the bathrooms from top to bottom, kitchen cupboards, splash backs, appliances etc, dusting all furniture tops and ornaments including skirting boards window ceils and tracks, light switches and any noticeable marks on the walls, glass furniture, mirrors, glass door for the pergola in and out, vac and mop all floor areas.

Once per week or every couple of days you need to shave if shaving is your best option for hair removal, that's everywhere from top to bottom including eye brows etc.

I recommend my body scrub from top to bottom face scrub and body scrubs are different, and also a good mask for the face.

A good foot spa and file of the hard areas of the foot a scrub with my foot scrub and foot balm.

Hair washed with my shampoo and conditioner once every few days but not every day. But once per week give your hair a good deep conditioning treatment.

Monthly routine:

I recommend you move furniture once per month such as lounges, behind beds, cobwebs around the furniture and ceilings, in areas that don't get used very much. Also dont forget to do all your filters this includes, airconditioners, dishwashers, washing machines and driers, vacuums etc

I recommend once per month have a massage using my essential oils to loosen all those tight muscles and having a spa or bath with Epson salts to sooth aching body.

Yearly routine:

Clean inside and outside including screens your windows, carpet clean your carpets and soft furniture, and get an environmentally friendly pest control to come out and spray your home.

Yearly indulge yourself to a little holiday to recuperate after a long hard year, you deserve it.

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